7 Benefits of Telemedicine

With today’s busy and technological world, it’s not surprising that telemedicine is quickly becoming in high demand. With telehealth, all you need is a smart phone or tablet and you can easily access quality healthcare. In addition to creating ease for busy families, telehealth has been shown to help overcome the obstacles related to health services such as distance, lack of reliable transportation, a shortage of available providers, and the inability to travel due to poor health. If you like the idea of seeing your physician from the comfort of your own home, keep reading to find out why telehealth is taking the medical field by storm. Here are 7 benefits of telemedicine.


Increases access to care.


Distance and travel time can make it extremely difficult for many patients to be seen and it limits healthcare options. Telemedicine helps overcome these geographical barriers, which is especially beneficial for those who live in rural areas with a shortage of providers.


No need to take time off.


For many, routine doctor’s appointments go by the wayside because it’s virtually impossible to take time away from work. Online visits eliminate the need to request time off. You can simply schedule your visit before or after work, or even during your break. Save those days off for when you really need them – vacation time!


No transportation costs.


When you see your doctor during an online visit, you are saving money on gas, parking, or public transportation. You also eliminate concerns about being late or missing your appointment and being charged as a no-show. Additionally, there is no pressure of having to rush to get back to work in a certain amount of time.


Reduce child care stresses.


If you don’t have to worry about taking time off of work or getting stuck in traffic, chances are you still have to stress about childcare. Finding care for the kids so you can go to an appointment can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately, telemedicine solves this problem by allowing you to see your doctor all while taking of your family responsibilities.


Eliminate the possibility of getting a new illness.


Doctors’ offices are full of germs and sick people. Overcrowded waiting rooms are breeding grounds for a plethora of sicknesses. By being seen from home, you get the care you need while avoiding the risk of exposure.


Less waiting time.


By choosing to utilize telemedicine technology, you are eliminating a lot of time wasted in a waiting room. Even if you decide not to use telehealth for yourself, if you choose a practice that offers it, your wait times will decrease as other patients opt to be seen from home.


Better health.


When patients can see their doctors at their convenience, they are more likely to seek care and take better care of themselves. Patients can easily access doctors to address healthcare concerns quickly and learn about treatment options in a matter of minutes.


Because of all these benefits, telemedicine is set to have a huge and positive impact on our healthcare system. Our fast-paced and high-tech society is evolving and ready for the convenience and cost effectiveness that telehealth can offer. Are you ready for accessible and modern healthcare as an option for you and your family? Visit The Simple Clinic today and complete our contact form to request a consult today!


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