Six Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it off

It’s that time of year again! Halloween buckets are still bursting with candy, turkey and stuffing is right around the corner, and Christmas cookies are already dancing in our heads. With temptation everywhere, it’s a difficult time to focus on losing weight and keeping it off. The key to a safe and successful weight lost is adapting a healthy lifestyle that fits you and your needs. The following ideas are healthy, realistic ways to get your life back on track and conquer your weight and fitness goals. Here are six tips for losing weight and keeping it off.


Set small goals.

Start your new lifestyle off realistically. Set yourself up for success by setting detailed and practical goals. Make yourself a goal to lose 10% of your body weight, and give ample time to do it. Setting unrealistic expectations early on will end up making you feel overwhelmed and hopeless.


Get enough rest.

Studies show that not getting enough rest leads to weight gain. Plenty of sleep is good for the body and mind. Adequate sleep also aids in making consistent and positive lifestyle choices. Things like eating healthy and staying active go out the window if you are feeling run down and have no energy. The average person needs at least eight hours per night but decide what works best for you. If you wake up feeling recharged and refreshed, you are getting enough rest.


Pack protein in your breakfast.

Start your day off right with a healthy, protein packed breakfast. Including protein rich foods such as eggs and veggies in your first meal will aid in weight loss and help you avoid unhealthy snacking throughout the day.


Get physical.

You do not have to go crazy with a rigorous fitness routine, just find an active plan that works for you and your life. Walking is an excellent way to burn calories, and research shows that just 30 minutes of walking a day helps to burn fat.


Stay hydrated.

Drinking enough water throughout the day is essential for your overall health and can help you maintain a healthy weight. People who stay hydrated have been shown to consume fewer calories. It also helps bone health, organ function, and aids in healthy skin.


Surround yourself with support.

Find a weight loss buddy to help motivate you and hold you accountable. Research shows that people are more successful when they have a friend to share their journey with. Support groups are also extremely helpful and don’t forget about your doctor. At The Simple Clinic, we are here for you and all of your health needs. If you are ready to put yourself first and kick start your new lifestyle, give us a call today. We will put together a comprehensive and individualized plan that will help you realistically meet all your weight loss goals.


Losing weight isn’t always easy, and sometimes we may need some extra help. We can help you achieve your goals with nutrition, fitness, and medication therapy. If you’re not living a healthy lifestyle and are ready to make a change, contact The Simple Clinic today!

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